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Whether you’re finally realising your dream of homeschooling or you’ve found yourself homeschooling as a result of unprecedented circumstances, we hope to support you in these important early years.

In each box you will find a carefully selected set of workbooks to cover the core subjects, as well as an invaluable parent guide equipping you to get started. An experienced Foundation Phase teacher has carefully curated the resources saving you hours of time and giving you total peace of mind.

All the resources are excellent in quality and locally resourced. Each box contains enough materials for a whole year.

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You can also find out more about us at the About Us page or check out our Additional Resources page to to discover useful information for parents and suggested reading and learning materials in learning areas such as Xhosa.

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' We absolutely love the Homeschool in a Box contents. They take all the guess work out of what can be a really intimidating process, not to mention time saving! The parent guide is such a great tool and Di's experience in the classroom, passion for education, and understanding of the uniqueness of children and their families really shines through. I love that all the content is local and therefore more affordable, but carefully curated and still top quality!'
Sarah Spring
Homeschool Mom of 3
"Homeschool in a Box is straightforward and hugely stress-relieving. My first reaction was, "I can do this!". What a gift: to have an experienced Foundation Phase teacher take the mystery out of reading, writing and maths. Her handbook is wonderful, short and to the point. It's like having a teacher round for tea. Highly recommended.
Sandy Lawrence
Homeschool Mom of 5

Gr R English

Gr R Afrikaans