All the materials that you will need to teach your child the core subjects for their grade. This includes: A parent guide, Mathematics workbooks, English or Afrikaans workbooks, Handwriting workbooks, Mathematics equipment, flashcards and more!

We do not register your child. We are a provider of materials to equip you to educate your child at home. Each family must consider the legalities of homeschooling in South Africa for themselves. 
We find this link helpful: https://www.thehomeschoolhub.co.za/the-legalities.html

All our materials are chosen to meet, or exceed, the expectations outlined in the South African curriculum.

Including reading books in the boxes would dramatically increase their cost. We make some recommendations in the parent manual and also advise that you make use of your local library early reader section.

No assessments or tests are included in the boxes. We believe that parents will organically be able to see the areas where their children thrive or struggle as they work closely with their child every day. Examples of how to help struggling children are given in the parent manual.

At the moment we do not officially offer consultations but we endevour to offer support to every email query, wherever possible.

We cover Grade R to Grade 3. Traditionally homeschooling families do not consider their children in “Grades” like schools do but prefer to consider their age and abilities. However, we have called our boxes by Grades because we feel this makes the levels understandable for the average South African parent.

We offer our boxes in English across all the grades. We also have a Grade R Afrikaans box. Our development list includes the plan to offer other boxes in Afrikaans too.