Life Skills

Life Skills is just that… life skills!
Homeschoolers have the unique opportunity to approach this learning area organically in the early years. There is no need to buy expensive materials, simply “do life” together! Below you will find some suggestions to weave into your Homeschool culture. This is by no means a check-list, choose the ones that appeal to your unique child. At the bottom you will find our favourite option for those who would like a more structured approach.

  • Visit the library weekly
    Make sure to take out age appropriate early readers,
    as well as non-fiction books covering a variety of topics.
  • Play outside
  • Bake together
  • Plant a veggie garden
  • Go for long walks in nature
  • Plant seasonal flowers and observe their growth
  • Plan regular outings to your local museum, aquarium and animal parks
  • Take art classes
  • Make time to do weekly arts and crafts projects
  • Listen to different genres of music as part of daily life
  • Music lessons

For those who would like a more structured approach, Little Footprints was developed by two South African Homeschool moms. It is a literature-based approach and comes with a manual jam packed with ideas. For more information visit their website at Little Footprints